The Cut – Newcastle’s Next Night Spot


Another new place for you to drink in the centre of Newcastle is now open. The Cut is a club with what they are calling a “distressed style”, which basically means it looks like most the interior is not finished. They claim the inspirations came from:

70’s lower east side manhattan loft party
80’s east berlin squat party
90’s fenham house party

Well i have been to many 90s Fenham house parties, and they are mental, (fights, dancing on coffee tables etc.) and nothing i would imagine a loft party in the lowest manhatten east side was in the 70s.

The Cut is found next to Tup Tup, and is owned by the same people as the Palace. Their style might be to bring back the retro, but i am guessing their prices wont be. Entry is expected to be around £4-5 depending on the night, which isnt bad really.

They have some cool tables which are sunken into the floor…This may turn into a bad idea, i can see some drunken people falling into them now 😀








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15 Responses to The Cut – Newcastle’s Next Night Spot

  1. Tamsen Jessica says:

    I was just writting on here because at the moment I’m looking for a full time or even a part time job for as soon as possible, I also have experience in working in busy and hands on nights clubs because I have previously worked in Powerhouse and Gossip. If atall you are looking for staff to work in the cut I would apprechiate it greatly if you could contact me, thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if you can rent the cut out for parties? and does it cost? Also if you can rent it out, what days are they?


  3. Jeff says:

    Worst club in Newcastle

  4. NewcastleVIP says:

    Thanks for that in-depth review Jeff 😀

  5. Anna says:

    I was just wondering what sort of music is on at the cut!? Please say it’s indie/retro stuff! Newcastle needs to have a night like that big time!

  6. Bexxx says:

    the cut is amazing man, for non up your own arse c****!

  7. Marc says:

    Anna? are you being serious, newcastle needs to have a indie/retro night? digital,carling acadamy, whq, all the same old indie/retro nights, the cut is a breathe of fresh air for as bexxx said not for people who are up there own arse

  8. edward birks says:

    also think this is a great bar with a awesome concept to the interior. could you also please get in contact if you are employing as i would love to join the team. cheers

  9. kyle says:

    The cut is totally brilliant especially tuesday nights (dubstep) as long as you can get over the hoardes of up their own arse students out spending daddy’s money. :)

  10. James says:

    Literally the worst place on earth, tha’ts not a style, they are just to cheap to finish it off. The floor was flooded, it’s crowded, fairly expensive (although not bad overall). But such an awful atmosphere. Chipboard seriously, no. Would never go again.

  11. Nina says:

    Does anyone have a tel number for The Cutt please?Can’t find one online

  12. Jade Louisa says:

    so therefore I love the cut 😉

  13. ben says:

    absolutely shite.

  14. bonnyarapes says:

    sign up dave n dan lovin x

  15. bonnyarapes says:

    mmmmmmmm dave and dan r

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