Newcastle Bars

The best website for independent bar and club reviews is here. Read real reviews of night out in Newcastle by a local.  Other than the other sites you read, the reviews here are constantly updated, written by a young person who actually goes in the bars, and doesn’t “bar bash” or kiss the arse of every establishment in Newcastle.

For Party Goers, Clubbers, People looking for a Night out in Newcastle….
I am a local, i give reviews of places which are good nights out in Newcastle. These are completely honest reviews from a person who goes out lots in the city, if you need any advice or information please read the site and add comments, i will try to reply to all, or email me :) Sometimes reviews are good, sometimes reviews are bad. Bars and Clubs in Newcastle go from being amazing to shit back to amazing all the time. Stay up to date by reading here!

The bars are split into areas according to the main drinking areas in Newcastle. You can see that some bars are also clubs, most bars have late licences now. The music you can expect to find in these places is colour coded and written next to the bars. Some places play very different music depending on the night (e.g. Digital is known as a House club, however they host ‘stonelove’ which is an Indie music night).

The Gate
Bar Beyond (Bar/Club) [House]
Lloyds/Keel Row (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Bar Bannatyne (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Players (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Mood (Bar, Club) [Chart, Cheese downstairs, RnB Up]
Sam Jacks (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Opera (Bar)

Central Station Area
Floritas (Bar) [House]
Centurion (Bar) [Background Music, Some Chart]
Clear (Bar) [House]
Bewick House (CoCo V) [No Music Licence]
Destination [House]
Gotham Town [Chart, Cheese]
The Lounge (Bar/Club) [Chart]
The Long Bar [Chart]
The Lodge (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
The Living Room (Bar)
Hoko 10 (Bar) [House]
Tokyo (Bar) [House]
Revolution (bar) [House]
Perdu (Bar) [House, Chart, RnB]
Baby Lynch (Bar) [House]
no.1 Grey Street (aka The Vineyard) (Bar) [Latin/Spanish]
Union Rooms (bar) [No Music]
Bijoux Bar (Bar)
Madame Koo (Bar)
Ohso (Bar) [House, Chart, RnB]
Mimo (Bar) [House, Chart, RnB]

(Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Jimmyz (Bar) [Chart, Cheese]
Offshore (Bar) [Chart]
Quilted Camel (Bar) [Chart]
Blue (Bar/Club) [Chart, Cheese]
Quayside Bar

Bar 42
(Newcastle City Centre) [Chart]
Bar Luga (Newcastle City Centre)
Pacific Bar (Haymarket)
City Vaults (Big Market) (Bar) [Chart]
Linekers Bar (55 Degrees North)
Mushroom Bar (Newcastle City Centre) (Bar) [Chart]

Tup Tup Palace (Club) [RnB, House]
Tiger Tiger (Bar/Club) [House,Chart, Cheese]
Blu Bambu [Chart, Cheese]
The Attic (Club) [Chart, RnB, House]
The Cooperage (Club) [CLOSED]
Sea (Club) [Chart, RnB, House]
Digital (Club) [House]
The Other Rooms (Club) [House]
Liquid/Envy (Club)
Venue  (Club) [Rock]
The Cut (Club)

Bar/Club Crawls

Wanna have a session in Newcastle? Here are some Bar crawls to get you started.
Charva Bars Newcastle Bar Crawl (Chart/Cheese music, Cheap drinks and more)
Posh/Upmarket Trendy Bar Crawl in Newcastle (A Night out in Style for the mature-young crowd)