Dress Code For Livello? No Trainers?

A friend recently went to Livello…The bouncer then told him no trainers. However…


OK, maybe that was a one-off and I am sure that you can’t wear trainers in this bar. Oh, wait a moment…








There is good news, if you want to dress as a gangster, or just wear a baseball cap (because everyone knows they’re classy) you’ll be fine…



No trainers? There are not many bars which have this rule these days, and you can see why, many people wear smart trainers for going out. Maybe next they will say “No jeans”.

Image credit: Livello/Facebook

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Mimo Bar

Mimo, is a new bar in Newcastle  It used to be Clear, which was a bar which started to go down hill, and was a bit of a charva bar. We used to go, mainly because my friends like to drink cheap vodka, and the music wasn’t too bad. It did have its busy times, but times such as during the week or early in the night it was quite quiet.

Now it is a new bar, cocktail style called Mimo. I was in there on Saturday, and it was alright. They do loads of cocktails for around £6 a glass, and the usual bottles and draught. If you want something special they do champagne too.

They have the same kind of layout, but with better seating opposite the bar, and better seating at the far end of the bar which still seems a bit too dark and out the way…Its like being sent to the corner or something. I did not go outside but it seems that has also had a face lift, it looks quite nice and doesn’t look like someones back yard anymore.

The drinks are reasonably priced, and the music is very random; A mix of everything was being played last Saturday night. 

It seems its trying to make itself cool by saying its “on The Diamond Strip” Newcastle’s cool word for a nightlife area on Collingwood Street…Well it is not. It is located in Pudding Chare, up the lane from Revolution near Fleet Street.


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Mood Newcastle – Its Back Open!

Yes that is true!

Mood, the bar/restaurant/club which is located in the Gate is back open! It re-opened this month, after closing down earlier this year.

I am yet to have go to the “new” Mood, but it seems like it has a party fun bar downstairs, and there is an “Urban” room upstairs…So same as before with a lick of paint? I will go soon and see for myself, They also have a new room I hear, so that could be worth a look.

I always liked Mood, but it did start going downhill, people went elsewhere and it started to get quieter as the weeks went on, until it closed.


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Koosday Moves From Madame Koos To Tiger Tiger

Yes, the title is correct!

Koosday, which was the flagship event for Madame Koos on a Tuesday night has moved to…Tiger Tiger.

So now we have a bar in Newcastle called Koos, and an event called Koosday, but the event is not at Koos its at Tiger. This will cause confusion for us all! 😀

The reason? Well its not hard to guess why, Tiger is bigger than Madame Koos, Baby Lynch and Floritas, which means they can let more people in, which means more money for the promoters.

I wonder what this will mean for Madame Koos, and for the event itself? Is the event big enough to fill out Tiger on a Tuesday? Will people boycott the night? Will Madame Koos survive after this?

The move has already proved to be an unpopular one for some…

What do you think?

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Tuesdays @ Tokyo

Stuck for a place to go on a Tuesday night? Tokyo has launched its “Tuesdays @ Tokyo” night. 2 DJs playing the finest in funky house and garage, great drinks offers including some great cocktails.

Single & Mixers from £2.50 (not Redbull)
Bottles of Stella £2.50
Small glass of wine £2.50 or buy the bottle for £10
Selected Cocktails starting at £3

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